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Due to the constantly expanding nature of this part of the site, I've decided to split it into to sections now:

Web Design

Website design relates to the visual and graphic style of a site including its layout, text formatting and images. Making a site visually appealing and well structured generally means more people will visit it and they will stay for longer using the site.

Web Development

Web development refers to the technical implementation of features such as search facilities and user login in a website. It is fundamental to today's often complex and highly functional websites and web based systems.

Business to Business / Distributed Systems

This is an area I hope to expand my portfolio in. As the world of computing develops, it has become vital for businesses to acquaint themselves with and implement the latest software techniques to streamline their processes. Often this means sophisticated web based solutions that may communicate with multiple systems and need to be flexible enough to cope with business demands and developments.

Technical Support and Consultancy

I have a wide range of experience in providing technical support to many clients and have an excellent previous employment history in I.T. My skills in this area include hardware upgrades, network installations, security advice and malware removal. The clients I work with vary from home users to independent businesses and local clubs. This aspect of my computing experience has helped me to develop my skills in building working relationships with customers, and I hope to integrate my technical support knowledge and experience with my aspirations as a software developer in order to offer complete I.T. solutions.