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This is part of a larger project I am working on which centres around developing an environment under which knowledge can easily be stored and reasoned with through web services.

SWAPP-KMS is a slight alteration of the SWAPP system for SWI-Prolog developed by Torbjörn Lager and Jan Wielemaker. SWAPP uses JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) as a means of communication with a SWI-Prolog server instance via HTTP, providing several interesting example applications. My modifications simply allow for the usage of a more persistence oriented database of Prolog facts, relations and predicates. It also adds logging functionality for developers to use as they wish to log information such as errors, security information etc.

In accordance with the wishes of the original authors, the source code is available to download and I hope it proves useful to some people out there trying to use Prolog on the web.

Download:   SWAPP-KMS for SWI-Prolog